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What is the ideal amount of homework for a teenager?

29 Dec 2021, 20:42 GMT+10

It's not easy to convince teenagers to complete their homework. It is worth it to spend hours slaving away every evening. A new study concluded that one hour per day is the ideal amount of homework. Researchers at the University of Oviedo analyzed the maths and science homework of 7,451 teens. The researchers found a link between homework and attainment. The authors acknowledged that it was impossible to prove that homework is done for an hour per night actually leads to better test results.

Previous research in the area was inconsistent and not conclusive. Some research has demonstrated the positive effects of homework, while others have found its negative side. Department of Education research showed that spending two to three hours a day on homework had greater results in achieving the highest grades. According to research from Stanford University, too much homework can lead to negative effects on children. They are forced to pay someone to do homework as they don't have time to do it and also want to have good grades.

Homework can help you establish a routine, and give you the opportunity to learn skills that are useful in your professional life. It could also be argued that homework can lead to a poor work-life balance.

Different children may not need to learn the same things

It is unclear if Spanish students achieve greater results by doing more homework. Children with different abilities may need to take different amounts of time to complete their homework. We believe there is an optimal time. Children who work faster should do more homework than those who work slower. This can be a disincentive to the fastest, and likely most skilled, children.

The nature of homework is more important than the amount of time it takes to complete. This is an important point. Common sense suggests that 45 minutes of incorrect homework will have a lower impact on student performance than 45 minutes of correct homework.

only by understanding the goals of homework can we properly consider how much to set. Researchers disagree on this: Some say homework is about consolidating existing knowledge and improving test scores. While others claim homework focuses on developing skills.

There are many reasons teachers assign homework. This means that the best amount of homework will not work in all cases. Math homework can be used to practice a particular skill, such as solving equations. In other subject areas, homework may be more focused on a conceptual topic, such as research into a particular aspect or history.

Giving others an advantage

Even though we may agree that there is an optimal amount of homework, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. These include the subject area, length of the school day, socio-economic background and age, gender,, culture and gender. Given the many variables involved, it can be difficult to ensure excellence and equity. It may also prove challenging to determine an optimal amount of homework.

For example, middle-class parents are more likely than others to be able to support their children's homework or hire tutors. As a result, children from poor backgrounds will be more isolated and likely to receive less academic support at their homes.

Not only are cultural differences important for the family but also for society. Children in China have very different expectations of how much homework is required. Also, girls are more successful in coursework than boys. This is not dissimilar to homework.

It's difficult to recommend that every 13-year old should only do one hour of homework each day. Every child is unique and may have different needs. The benefits of personalized learning through homework have been the subject of much debate in recent years. That will ease the workload and make less amount of ordering homework from cheap essay writing services. Although one hour of homework per day is a good amount for some children, we must remember that each child has unique needs.

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