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Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Click Speed

28 Apr 2022, 23:17 GMT+10

The term 'click per second' is used to quantify the click by a user in a second. Also, it is referred to as CPS. CPS each is a momentary cycle proceeding a moment or two. It may as well be performed in milliseconds. They are intended to track it as it turns into a challenge to get higher clicks per second in a particular period. Each intrigued individual wants himself at the best degree of scoring click per second.

This period could be between 3 seconds to 30 seconds. Each time interval has the best record. The main things that matter in click per second are the Speed of Click and Reflexes of reaction. The more your reflexes of response, the more the click per second.

Increasing your click per second is not hard. There are a few tips and tricks you can use. Keep reading for more details.

How to Increase Your Click Speed

There are certain things you can do to improve your click speed. Below are some tips.

Good gripping is key

You can attempt different mouse holds to help you. There are various ways of grasping a mouse that incorporates claw grip and palm hold, pick the grasp that better suits your hand and your mouse.

Use an efficient gaming mouse

This also increases your click speed. Use a proficient gaming mouse instead of a trackpad or the common mouse. By and large, a gaming mouse has quicker and more exact sensors that have a much faster reaction time. An ordinary modest mouse has a postponement between 10 to 12ms. A gaming mouse can diminish this to a simple 1ms - or even 0.5ms. In any case, purchasing a gaming mouse will not immediately help you fix it. You will need to keep practicing.

Work on clicking

You need to keep practicing clicking. Practice makes perfect! You can rehearse on the click speed tester as much as you possibly can. A CPS score that's more than six is viewed as a nice score, especially if you play Minecraft. Continue to rehearse the test and work out your score in various time lengths. With training, you will soon become quicker.

Clicking Tricks to Try

Below are clicking tricks that will increase your speed.

The drag clicking

As indicated by experts, drag clicking is the procedure that makes your clicking speed the quickest. For this type of clicking, both of your hands ought to lay on the mouse and you drag your fingers on the mouse - thereby making a quick click. Whenever this procedure is done accurately, your CPS score can go up to 30 or more.

These are methods and stunts that can speed up. However, it may take you months(or even a year) before you master this clicking method. You simply need to use it regularly.

The jitter clicking

Many gamers all over the world do use this technique. This method could adequately expand your click per second.

The jitter clicking method isn't easy to do. However, the strategy requires some practice for days, weeks, or even months. The reason why this method of clicking is a bit complicated is that a user needs to coordinate the muscles of his hand. And yes, having to coordinate muscles could be a difficult undertaking as not every person can move them with perfect timing.

By simply practicing this method, you will gradually increase your score to a surprising level.


With adequate practice, you will increase your click speed to astonishing levels. Keep working on it using different techniques. Finally, do a click speed test before you engage in a gaming competition.

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