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Feed Your Puppy Raw Meat

05 May 2022, 17:17 GMT+10

One of the most frequently asked questions in canine food is whether puppies can be fed raw food. The answer is yes. Dogs younger than one-year-old can definitely enjoy a raw diet. Feeding raw meat to a puppy isn't just possible, it's a good idea!

Why? Let's look at the issue of raw meat and puppies and find out how to give them proper, nutritious raw meat meals.

First of all, you should find a raw meat supplier with good reviews, such as Bella & Duke, one of the UK's leading raw dog food retailers.

A raw food diet for puppies can improve their coat, dental hygiene, and general constitution.

Why should puppies eat raw meat?

Since puppies' gastrointestinal systems have not been adapted to diet for a prolonged period, their intestinal tracts will adapt to any diet rapidly. Given that the first weeks or months of a puppy's life dictate whether he will be fit or poorly, it's vital to begin giving him a raw food regimen as early as practical.

This evolution-based method of canine feeding won't just boost their fitness. It will help them deal with the harsh demands of a busy lifestyle, enabling them to flourish beyond mere subsistence.

Owners consistently report that their raw weaned puppies are strong, healthy, calm, and clever.

The advantages of raw food for puppies

The list of advantages of giving raw food to puppies is virtually limitless. The following is just a selection of the most typical benefits reported by owners when first transitioning their puppy to this diet.

A strengthened immune system: Many customers report fewer diseases when they feed their puppies a raw diet rather than dry food. This is due, we think, to the extensive amount of natural antioxidants, minerals, soluble fiber and many other nutrients a raw diet delivers to the puppy's developing gut cultures.

Fewer allergies: It has been argued that puppies fed a raw diet from a young age suffer from fewer allergies than those fed dry food as puppies. This is significant as many dogs suffer from atopic dermatitis, an oversensitivity to environmental chemicals that can cause lifelong crippling conditions. These conditions can include extreme itching, greasy or flaky patches of skin, and hair loss.

Better energy and weight: Puppyhood is meant to be the most lively and energetic period of a dog's lifetime, but sadly, many puppies start to suffer from obesity at a very young age, as they are fed processed foods containing high levels of damaging carbs and fats. The extra weight on developing bones is very harmful to the overall growth of the puppies.

A shinier coat: Among the most frequent remarks from owners, is that their dogs develop a noticeably shinier coat after only a month of raw food. Shiner coats indicate healthier dogs in general because the nutrients that are making the coat shiner have penetrated through the body and wil have done a lot of good in the process.

Improved digestion: Nobody wants to have a loose, stinky poo. One major advantage of raw food feeding is that dogs' stools are usually better composed. That's due to many dogs struggling to process cereal common in processed, high-starch dog food. You will also find your dog will be less gassy due to the natural ability to digest our food.

Better behaviour: The way you handle your dog in his early months can set him up for a life of quiet compliance or anxiousness and misbehavior. Dried food is high in carbs, causing elevated blood sugar and insulin levels, associated with bad behavior for many years.

Raw feeding your pup makes him less prone to anxiety, fear, aggression or reactivity and more capable of developing the quiet, agreeable disposition dog lovers seek.

A Return To Natural Nutrition

When you think of the modern world we live in, it's clear that there are a lot of chemicals in humans' food that are causing us harm.

We as humans are trying to eat a healthier diet, and it can only logically follow that such chemicals might not be a good idea for dogs either.

If we want to give our canine friends the best start in life, we ought to feed them food close to the natural diet they would have eaten before domestication.

Could you be hindering your dog's development by agitating their body and minds with synthetic ingredients? A naturally fed dog is a healthy, well-behaved, and happy hound.

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