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Best Mixology Bar Tool Set With Stand of 2022

07 May 2022, 01:42 GMT+10

Mixology kits are essential for those who work as barista or bartenders. Many people have no idea what a bartender kit contains. This page would love to introduce you to some indispensable tools for making an amazing cocktail, mocktail, and other bar-creditable drinks. In recent years, with the development of the economy, the number of bars or cafes has increased amazingly to meet customer demand.

More and more people pick to work as a barista or bartender due to the high job opportunities and incomes. To become an expert mixologist, you need to arm yourself with skills in the bartender kit.

How to choose the best bartender kit

A basic bartender kit generally contains a strainer, a cocktail shaker, a measuring cup, ice tongs, and a long bar spoon. A more professional set would also contain a conical strainer, pourers, garnish knife, and bottle stoppers. Further, there are portable kits for those who love compactness, and there are charming kits for any person who loves to show their bartending tools.

Some bar kits are made for home use and casual amateurs who just want to play around with taste drinks, whereas more costly sets are made for expert bartenders and contain more advanced tools. It is vital to consider many factors when it comes to picking the top bartender kit, so that you can pick the top choice for your preferences and needs.


Some bartenders like to own portable and compact bartender kits because they have to go to different bars and events. Some kits permit the pieces to fit within the shaker tins, while others provide a bag for carrying all the pieces. If you are working as a bartender and you like to travel from place to place, a portable kit would be a remarkable choice.

Some bartender kits are made to be shown at home. These choices generally contain wooden or charming cases, with slots of each tool. If you are a home bartender or you want to look for a choice to show on your home bar, these kits with dedicated cases are best for your needs.


Most bartender kits accessible are largely made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel provides the tools a luxurious and shiny look. It is also made durable and can stand the acidic items from drinks. It does not keep the taste and you can simply put stainless steel tools into the dishwasher without much hesitation.

Higher end bartender kits also contain copper plating, and gold or silver elements to include the luxury look. If you are on a budget and want to buy the least costly kits, we would not promise that it is going to last long. If you are looking for a durable option, we suggest opting for a kit starting at mid level price range with excellent materials.

Ease of use

Certain bartenders are mainly designed for particular objectives and users. Some are made for starters, while others are made for advanced and intermediate mixologists. A starter using a professional kit might find the kit confusing and challenging to use. A professional using a general kit might find the kit frustrating to use as there are not sufficient tools for advanced use.

Essential tools in a bartender kit


Boston shakers:

Consisting of 2 different parts - half stainless steel underneath and half of the little glass above to use as a lid when shaking is known as mixing glass. Standard mixing glass will have a 500ml capacity and must have a dividing line on the body. This kind is the concoction tool preferred by Western bartenders, used to prepare big volume drinks.

Standard shaker

Contains three stainless steel parts, including a bottle with a capacity of eight to twenty-four ounces, a filter head a lid. This bottle comes in three different sizes. This blender's shaker is the preferred brewing tool by Asian bartenders because it is simple to use than the Boston shaker, and simple to handle with 2 hands or even with a single hand.


It is essential because it helps the bartender calculate the right amount of ingredients required when making drinks. This tool comes in a big range of sizes and ratings. They generally have two separate measuring heads with the big one being 30ml and the little one being 10ml.

Bar spoon

This is made of hard plastic or stainless steel is quite long and consists of two separate ends. One end is spoon-shaped for stirring ingredients, strong handle part, perfect when used in high cups. The other end has a pointed bar or a fork to attach fruits, and decorations for drinks to be more charming. This also helps bartenders when making multi-tier wine.


Julep strainer:

This is a filter shaped like a big spoon with many little holes created inside. Julep works to filter fruit seeds when squeezing water into mixing cups such as orange, and lemon seeds or filter out ice. This kind fits the Boston shaker so it is generally used when using Boston bottles.

Hawthorne strainer:

Hawthorne has a round head linked to many coils and is located in a bottle to remove ice and seeds from a mocktail or cocktail before blending into other ingredients.

What are the benefits of an equipped home bar?

If entertaining is something you like, having all the necessary tools and a completely equipped home bar can make your house a place to be. There are no restrictions or crowds and you have the freedom to pick who is added to your company. You can also save cash long-term by having your own home bar. You can cut down on expenses such as bar prices or bartender tips for mixed drinks. You can forever see what is in stock at your house and make the best mix based on your personal tastes and preferences.

What tools are necessary for a standard barware set?

The essential items for a barware set are a muddler and a bar spoon. If you are looking for a barware set that contains all the necessary tools to make bottles or cocktails, ice buckets, bottle openers, and storage stands or cases are remarkable accessories.

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