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The Experience of CCNA Full Scorers

12 May 2022, 17:17 GMT+10

I am a college student of South China University of Technology. I started to participate in the training of Cisco Network Technology College of South China University of Technology a year ago, and finally passed the CCNA certification exam with a full score of 1000 points. I hope my experience and my real feelings in the network technology institute can bring you some help.​​

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Although I like computers and networks very much, I have never studied systematically. Later, by chance, I came into contact with Cisco Network Technology Academy. In my junior year, a classmate told me about it. He said he was going to attend the CCNA training class. After completing the CCNA training Contact class, it will cost more than 1,000 Yuan. I was very curious, what kind of training class can make this usually thrifty classmate willing to spend such a large amount of money&; so I went with him to understand the content of the CCNA course, and I was attracted by it unexpectedly. CCNA's courses were very in line with my interests, and the online school teachers' lectures were also very lively and exciting, and I thought that systematic study like them that not only talks about theory but also emphasizes hands-on ability can really enable students to learn real skills. So, the next day, I signed up without hesitation.


Sure enough, the teaching of Cisco Networking Academy does have its own uniqueness. For our students who have access to the education network on campus, online education is easier for us to accept than traditional education. We have fast internet speeds and plenty of time online. Especially for me, who can fall asleep as soon as I see a book, the teaching method of e-Learning is the best way to learn. Apart from the teaching method of e-Learning, what impressed me is that in Cisco Network Technology Academy, we can do experiments, see how the network is connected, and configure various network devices by hand; These are very helpful for us to combine the knowledge learned from the teacher into practice , but also back to consolidate our knowledge structure. Therefore, experiments are very important to us. Only through hands-on experiments can we truly master the most useful skills. If CCNA certification is the ultimate goal for everyone who learns CCNA certification, then what we have learned through hands-on experiments is the most valuable manifestation of certification. The reason why I can get full marks in the exam is closely related to my usual hands-on. What we should really pay attention to is not how many points we got in the exam. The scores are just superficial phenomena. What really deserves our attention and is valuable is the knowledge we have learned and the ability we have.

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During the time when I was preparing for the CCNA exam, I happened to encounter the peak period of the exam in my college. I had several professional exams, and there were also a lot of written exams for job interviews. It was a common thing to review until two or three in the morning. This is how I arranged my study. First read the Chinese textbooks of the Institute of Network Technology, review them against the English textbooks, and then do the exercises in the online tutorial. After I finish, do the simulation problems carefully. Especially for the students who took the exam after a period of time after studying in the network technology college, it is very important to read the textbook thoroughly. Of course, this is just a little experience to deal with the exam. Whether you can learn well depends on your usual practice and hands-on.

Now, I am busy looking for a job. Although I am not a communication major, the experience of training in Cisco Network Technology Academy has given me a lot of confidence. I will not be satisfied with CCNA, I am learning CCNP content now, I am full of confidence in the future, I believe that I will become an excellent network engineer. Cisco Networking Academy is the beginning of my network life, and I will put into practice what I have learned in Cisco Networking Academy in my future work. for cisco ccnp training

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