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10 Ideas to Maximise Your Small Kitchen Space

29 Jul 2022, 08:42 GMT+10

As property prices continue to rise, Australians are opting for smaller homes. As a result, every surface in the house must be optimised for maximum utilisation to make up for the smaller surface areas. Homeowners, these days, are even willing to compromise on their kitchen space to make way for a home office or an extra room. However, without proper planning, the space may end up feeling cluttered. Clever planning & a little innovation can help you avoid that & convert your small kitchen space into a charming nook.

You might feel that the small space is restricting your kitchen renovation plans. But the truth is that the space constraint only requires us to be more creative. In fact, with small spaces, we can even be bold with our choices & innovate more to create a warm & cosy space.

Here we've compiled a few design tricks that we think will add great style & charm to your kitchen.

10 Design Ideas for Small Kitchen Spaces

Before you begin your kitchen renovations, take some time to reflect on how your household will be utilising the kitchen space. Once you have a clear vision of the needs, you can start planning the design & layout, and not the other way around. Here are some design tricks that can make your kitchen space more charming & appear spacious.

1. Opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets create an illusion of a higher ceiling & make your kitchen appear spacious. Additionally, it also gives you extra storage space. You can even replace the solid cabinet doors with glass ones. Glass doors also add to the illusion of more space while also giving a clear view of where everything is. This arrangement's only "problem" is that it demands frequent cleaning and maintenance.

2. Choose a crisp white colour scheme.

When you only have a small space to spare, opting for an all-white colour scheme is the best bet. If you're not a big fan of all-whites, you can opt for neutral or light colours. These colours reflect the light & make the compact space look more spacious. Opting for minimalist design options is always recommended.

3. Paint your ceiling a different color.

Paint your ceiling in an unexpected color. It will draw the eye upwards and give the viewers the illusion that your kitchen is taller than it is. In fact, you can even consider going for plain white walls for your kitchen & painting the ceiling in a lively color, instead. Alternatively, you can also go for the trending glossy ceiling. However, you must first ensure that the surface is smooth & you (or the painters) have the right tools for the job.

4. Use reflective surfaces & kitchenware.

Another way to create the illusion of space is to utilize reflective surfaces. Use glossy cabinet doors, glass shelves, mirrors and even glossy kitchenware. Mirrors are known to make a room look more spacious. Don't restrict the mirror to your bedroom & bathroom. A giant mirror covering an entire wall to reflect a kitchen countertop would look stunning. You can also use glossy tiles, polished floors & stainless steel appliances to achieve the same result.

5. Opt for open shelves.

Open shelves will give your kitchen a cleaner & more airy look. Just lose some of the cabinet doors & you'll immediately notice the difference! However, the trick here is to keep the clutter to a minimum. If your shelves are already bursting full, keep them behind closed doors. Cluttered open shelves will only make the space feel more compact. You can use glass shelves as they add an enhanced & stylish feel to the kitchen. Use these open shelves to showcase your favorite china or a vintage collection.

6. Conceal the appliances with the design.

You can create more space in your kitchen by concealing the appliances, such as the refrigerator and the dishwasher. You can do that by integrating them with cabinet doors. The only drawback here would be that your guests might have to open some extra cabinets to get to that wine in the fridge. However, from a functional & design perspective, concealing your appliances can free up a lot of space & make the kitchen look less cluttered.

7. Get innovative with the storage space.

Another way to use small spaces effectively is to reduce the clutter. Organizing is an effective way to do that. You can innovate with the storage space inside your kitchen drawers to make the best of them. Consider separating horizontal & vertical storage spaces using shelves. On the other hand, you might also want to create dedicated space for the larger pots, pans & vessels. It's a stylish & easy way to store away all your items & avoid cluttering them.

8. Choose bold, decorative tiles.

You can also choose bold, decorative tiles for the walls & splashbacks to add more style to your kitchen space. You can go bold here & choose tiles with geometric patterns or popping colors. Try going for tiles with a glossier finish as they reflect the light & add to the illusion of more space.

9. Experiment with the lighting.

A poorly lit space automatically looks smaller. So your mission should be to maximize the light in your kitchen. Try to make the best use of natural light. If the architectural constraints allow it, install a big window to let in the natural light. Use high-powered bulbs & layers of lighting to create a fascinating light & shadow effect that will make your kitchen appear more spacious.

10. Consider getting a pull-out pantry.

A pull-out pantry is an effective way to tuck away most of your edibles without worrying about storage space. You can consider installing one in the space between your refrigerator & kitchen wall. In this case, you can utilize about 10 inches of space, and if you think that's enough, stock away all your canned food, spices & preserves.

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