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National Waffle Day - Let's Chow Down on Waffles

13 Aug 2022, 03:51 GMT+10

The coming August 24th is National Waffle Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the first waffle iron patent. How about celebrating by tasting your favorite waffles?

A man called Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York received his patent for the waffle-making machine on August 24, 1869. Although waffles existed long before that, this invention made them much easier to make.

Unlike International Waffle Day, National Waffle Day is set on a different date. They celebrate on different dates and commemorate different meanings, but they share the same passion for waffles.

International Waffle Day originated in Sweden, where it is celebrated on March 25 and is known in Sweden as Våffeldagen. The festival comes from Christian Vårfrudagen. The original intention was ladies day, however, because this two word pronunciation of Swedish is very close, so the mistake was called ''waffle day''. This holiday has little to do with religion. For Swedes, the day serves as the end of winter and the arrival of spring. People eat waffles for breakfast or afternoon tea in anticipation of a warm spring.

Waffle Day has recently been celebrated in other countries, often by restaurants and cafes that specialize in waffles. For example, in India, the Belgian Waffle company announced in 2018 that it would celebrate national Waffle Day on July 4. Also in Norway, Waffle Day became almost known in the mid-2010s when milk and flour producers began promoting it.

National Waffle Day marks the anniversary of the first waffle maker patent in the United States. Cornelius Swarster of Troy, New York, patented a 'device for baking waffles' in 1869. His early waffle maker, which was used with a coal stove, consisted of a frying pan and a lid that required flipping the device to cook both sides of the waffle.

A Quick Waffle History Lesson

13th Century A.C. - The ancient Greeks used two metal plates to make a flat cake. These early waffles, called obleios, were made mostly of cheese and herbs and were delicious.

1620 - The Dutch word "wafles" had been brought to America by pilgrims.

1735 - The word 'waffle' - with two 'f's - first appeared in the English print edition.

Late 1800's - TThomas Jefferson returned to the United States from France with a patterned waffle iron.

1869 - Cornelius Swarthout patents the first U.S. Waffle Iron.

1953 - Frank Dorsa's Eggo Frozen Waffles are being sold in Supermarkets for the first time.

1964-65 - Brussels restaurateur Maurice Vermersch brings his wife's Brussels Waffle recipe to the World's Fair in New York. The fluffy yeast waffle was so popular that it became known as the 'Belgian waffle.'

2000 - International Waffle Day is a worldwide sensation where people make or eat waffles and share their love on social media.

How to celebrate National Waffle Day

Try waffles from different cultures

  • Stuffed into American waffles, topped with fried chicken, or, for breakfast, stacked and dipped in sugar maple syrup. With a slice or two of crispy bacon may be better!
  • Enjoy a thicker Brussels or Liege Belgian waffle topped with candy candy or coated with chocolate or cream. Batter is made with egg whites to add volume, and waffles are sometimes cooked with pearl sugar to add richness and flavor.
  • The standard Swedish waffle since the 1600s is similar to other waffles but is made with a special iron and forms four hearts. These are served with a dollop of cream and fresh berries or berry preserves.
  • Or travel east for soft, sweet Hong Kong waffles flavored with peanut butter or honeydew.

Eating waffles in a restaurant

  • Waffle House, located in 25 states, usually offers special offers or coupons on the day.
  • The International House of Pancakes, which has locations in the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, offers chicken waffle plates that are very popular.
  • Huddle House, a chain of restaurants across the southern states of the US, is reportedly offering a special offer on International Waffle Day where you can get free bacon or sausage with the purchase of a waffle.

Make your own waffles

  • Preheat a waffle iron to medium-high heat. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F (to keep the cooked waffles hot). Whisk together the milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and eggs in a bowl or baking dish. Soak a slice of bread in the mixture for 2 minutes on each side.
  • Lightly brush the top and bottom of the baking sheet with butter. Place the soaked bread on the waffle iron and close it gently. Cook until golden brown on top and dry on bottom, lifting one corner, 5 to 6 minutes. Keep warm in the oven, or cover the dish with foil. Repeat with the rest of the bread.
  • Top French toast with maple syrup, raspberries, and granulated sugar.

Check out some great waffle-themed gadgets and snacks!

We searched the Internet for weird, wonderful and fun waffle products so you can get your hands dirty at home.

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Waffles are such a popular worldwide phenomenon that they deserve two days on the calendar to celebrate them. And most likely no one will complain about that!

Anyway, no matter which day is chosen to commemorate it, waffles are worth celebrating.

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