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There has been a great debate over the difference between a step-through e-bike and a step-over e-bike for quite a long time. The differences between both bike types are obvious and are manufactured for different purposes.

This whole stigmatism of being a girl's or a guy's bike has influenced many bike riders to go for a specific bike frame.

Generally, step-over bike frames are classified as guys' bikes and step-through frames are considered to be made solely for girls. But that's not the reality! It's not about gender, it's about functionality and personal preferences.

So, in order to make things clear, we decided to come up with a detailed guide on some of the most salient and primary differences between a step-through and a step-over e-bike.

Differences Between Step-Through and Step-Over Electric Bikes

Here's a list of all the possible differences that you'll find between a step-over and a step-through e-bike.

1. Structural Differences.

The frames of both e-bike types are a bit different. Just by looking at the frames, you can easily tell the difference between the two with the absence of a top tube in the step-through e-bike. The step-through e-bikes come with a frame that has no top tube or low top tube which makes it extremely easier for a rider to get on and off (more on that, later).

However, a step-over e-bike comes with a traditional frame design, which is also known as a triangle or diamond frame gives you more strength while riding a bike.

2. Difference in Weight.

The absence of a top tube on a step-through e-bike allows no room for conventional protection and support. The top tube gives strength to the overall bike frame but when it comes to step-through bike designs, engineers had to think of an alternative source of adding strength. So they came up with a more sturdy and bulky frame with heavy components to bring that extra strength.

Usually, there's a rigid arc where the seat tube and down tube meet in step-through frames. It is there to provide the necessary strength which adds more weight to the bike frame.

But! ADDMOTOR knows how to keep its entire e-bike collection lightweight while maintaining its strength. ADDMOTOR's step-through e-bikes have a unique design that offers convenience to the rider with a redesigned top tube for extra strength.

On the other hand, however, engineers have more room to play with a step-over e-bike design by keeping it lightweight and not worrying about any damage to the frame. A step-over frame is more durable and rigid and it offers longevity. If performance and durability are two of your concerns while purchasing an e-bike, you should better buy a step-over e-bike.

3. Need Something For Commercial Use?

If someone has to frequently get on and off their bike for delivering packages or carrying parcels, a step-through e-bike would be the most appropriate choice to go with. You might not want to lift your leg up with all those parcels and a pile of loaded bags in the back every time you stop for delivering something.

So, for riders who mostly use e-bikes for commercial purposes (like delivering packages), a step-through e-bike would be a better choice.

Contrarily, with a step-over e-bike, you will have a tough time delivering your packages since it involves more physical motion as compared to a step-through design.

4. Usage in Different Terrains

Since step-over bikes are light in weight, they're best known for their performance in terrains like mountains and hilly areas. If you love exploring mountains, meet your new friend!

Step-over bikes are known for their durability in tough terrains because of their lightweight characteristic. They offer higher maneuverability and allow riders to have complete control over the bike.

However, the step-through bikes are more suitable for city rides where getting on and off the bike is quite convenient. Moreover, the weight of a step-through bike is comparatively larger than a step-over bike which makes them a second choice when tough terrains are concerned.

Final Thoughts!

There are quite a few differences between a step-through e-bike and a step-over e-bike. However, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is your personal preference. We have listed all the possible scenarios for you to make a better purchase decision.

Planning to buy a new 2-wheeled electric bike? Well, look no further!

ADDMOTOR has got you covered with its wide range of amazing electric bikes for all types of terrains and usages. Check out more about ADDMOTOR electric bike for sale!

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