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Top Reasons Why Textbooks Cost Much

15 Nov 2022, 04:33 GMT+10

Textbooks are pricey for many reasons, contributing to the increase in average textbook cost.

No doubt, the results of the expenses include students switching to ebooks and losing interest in studying via research books, which has lowered the quality of thesis research in universities and colleges as most students have started surfing the internet instead of researching in depth.

Whatever the consequences, here are the significant factors you need to keep in mind that have a role in increasing the average textbook price.

Supply and Demand Textbook Production

Unlike the other books not for syllabus studies, textbooks are produced specifically for students and study purposes, which have nothing much to do with general knowledge and topics.

Therefore, a big difference in demand and supply eventually results in high textbook prices.

On the other hand, general books are produced and printed in millions!

Textbooks Require Expert Knowledge

Textbooks with adequate and accurate knowledge, facts, and information require high-quality and qualified knowledge from expert minds, which is a big deal.

The rest of the books are based on knowledge of the author's interests and expertise they want to share.

Not easy, but it isn't that complex to curate.

This is why profound knowledge demands high-quality work and therefore is expensive.

Moreover, textbooks take years to get into the shape they are. Experts in their fields write books. There are development and editorial costs that can be

high due to color production, graphics, illustrations, etc.

Many textbooks come with software and study guides which result in price hikes.

What Other Things Contribute To Increased Prices?

Before coming to the bookshelf, do you know how many stages a good textbook has to go with? Or how many people are busy making a refined textbook shape in your hand?

This includes the expenses such as Store employees' salaries of store employees that manage the books and save them. Ordering costs, customer service, refund desks, and the extra books are sent back to the publishers. Textbook's wholesale worth:

publisher's paper, general and administrative costs, printing, editorial, marketing cost,s and publisher's income. Furthermore, it comprises of author's income.

Why Did Textbooks Start to Get So Expensive?

The books were cheap and were reused for decades; publishers prided themselves on the durability and longevity of their products. At some point during the 1970s, books started to get expensive. Publishers capitalized on professors' willingness to adapt new editions of a book every two or three years.

Why Are Used Books so Costly to Purchase?

According to publishers, the increasing sale of old books hurts their business line. Publishers complain that they are missing out on sales, forcing them to raise the retail pricing for the new books they sell due to the textbook market's expansion and flexibility brought about by eBay and Amazon.

Why Do Students Not Buy Textbooks?

More than sixty-five percent of college students delay buying a textbook because it is too expensive.

It shows how much the average textbook costs have increased during those years.

The reasons are genuine but contribute to losing interest in buying books and reading a textbook.

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