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In the era of globalization, many small and big industries are outsourcing their resources. The US companies are not an exception. Associating with Portuguese software agencies is helpful for them, mainly for their comfortable work culture and high level of software quality.

What is Outsourcing in Business?

Outsourcing is a new business practice nowadays. In this culture, a company hires a third party to execute some tasks. The whole process is monitored remotely.

The third party, given the task, divides the work among their employees. So the company deals with the global human resource team with technical support.

Some remote software teams in Portugal work for US companies to provide outsourcing software services.

Types of Outsourcing:

Based on the capital and location facility, outsourcing can be of three types. Mainly through these three ways, a remote software team can be hired.

1. Offshoring: In this case, third-party service providers can be located worldwide. Their agenda is spread globally to support remote work.

2. Nearshoring: The hiring companies go for services to the nearby software development team. It is often located in nearby regions or countries for accessible communication.

3. Onshoring: This remote work culture is basically confined to the company's own country. It also involves lower costs with higher communication advantages.

For outsourcing, the hiring company's IT department should efficiently handle the third party.

Why Outsource Some Parts of Your Business?

Companies prefer outsourcing and remote locating for many reasons. For this, they mainly rely on third-party providers. By doing this, the company can get skilled employees. Alongside, they can fit the budget due to a faster and cheaper hiring system.

Some of the common reasons for outsourcing some parts of your business are:

  • The hiring companies can quickly improve efficiencies at a cheaper cost. The employment process is also fast and effective.
  • The company can be worry-free for specific sectors whose responsibility is given to third parties. They can focus on other sectors to deal with competencies.
  • Some companies also hire because, initially, they can only accommodate an office with part-time employees. Remote and outsourcing culture provides skilled and experienced employees at a minimum cost.
  • Sometimes, outsourcing can be effective for some companies to shift to meet the regulatory obligations of the third-party provider.

In a nutshell, outsourcing is a kind of innovation center. Here the companies can make partnerships with the international business market.

Why are US Companies Outsourcing Software Services?

Outsourcing software services can be an excellent decision for any US company. It helps move towards a global corporation with fewer risks and rapid progress. So globally, nearly 80% of business agencies are leaning towards outsourcing relationships.

Different Cost Factors Associated with Software Outsourcing:

Reduction of business costs and expenditure on human resources are significant reasons for the popularity of outsourcing work culture. Regarding salaries and management, a 60% overhead reduction is possible here. Alongside sick pay, casual leaves, training, and other associated costs are also reduced here.

Software Outsourcing Market in Portugal:

Portugal is becoming a famous software outsourcing market, especially for US companies. It is beneficial for those companies who privilege cultural fit and high-quality services in their outsourcing. Foreign investment in Portugal is also easy, with robust economic growth.

Advantages Associated with Portuguese Development Teams

US companies outsource the software development sector to some Portuguese software agencies. There are some underlying causes behind it.

  • Better Communication Skills: Portuguese, as they communicate with the global market, have better English proficiency. Excellent communication skills are essential to satisfy clients.

For the posts like business analyst, project manager, or consultant, Portuguese talents are far ahead in their English-speaking and interaction skills.

  • Diversity: In Portugal, many multicultural communities can be found easily. Technological companies, financial enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and many other investors co-work there.

So the development companies in Portugal know how to deal with a dynamic environment very well. It is essential while one is working in a global community.

  • Low Cost in Setting up an Office: Many entrepreneur companies in the US want to achieve the best product cost-effectively. But in most countries, companies have to pay more to set up an industry. But in Portugal, the rates of setting up an office and salaries are many pockets friendly.
  • Golden Time Zone: A standard work time zone will be helpful for remote work culture. At that time, the manager can interact with the employees and solve their problems.

Lisbon is six hours ahead of Chicago. So until up to 3 pm, the employees can have two more hours for communication.

  • Advantages of Relocating Effectively: Transporting from the US to Portugal is easy. It consists of a friendly visa process and a comfortable journey. So if needed, the management department of Portuguese software agencies can quickly meet with the hiring agencies in the US.
  • Cultural Proximity: The Americans and the Portuguese share a common culture in many fields. So their understanding level is shockingly similar even in the area of business.

They are also positive, open-minded, and date to face new challenges. These matters help to bridge the geographical gap.

How to Manage Remote Work Culture?

Some key factors can help to manage to outsource:

  • The hiring company managers should build a personal connection with remote employees. Frequent encouragement, onsite meetings and gifts can be helpful.
  • The employees should be clear about the ultimate goal of the project.
  • The company's motto should be based on strict rules that everyone should follow.

Future Opportunities of Outsourcing for US Companies:

Outsourcing can be considered a way to get the most effective product at a lower cost. So its popularity is increasing day by day.

The US companies have also understood that outsourcing can give them an extra advantage. In this competitive market, they can get innovative and skilled employees without much complexity. Handling them is also an easy process.

In the field of delivery, the fear of deadlines has also decreased. The service and customer management have become smoother. The workload can be distributed equally with flexibility.

As a whole, this trend of outsourcing emphasizes cost efficiency with the better work culture. Especially for US companies, the scope of targeting the global market has been increasing.


These benefits prove why US companies trust Portuguese software agencies the most. Other entrepreneurs are open to outsourcing for the same business, and the companies must reveal those potentialities.

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