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The Difference Between LED Flashlights

12 Dec 2022, 15:18 GMT+10

The market for tactical flashlights and LED flashlights is colorful enough. Many products performed well and attracted the attention of many buyers. We know that choosing among the many models and manufacturers can be difficult.

Determining your needs and what to choose can be especially difficult if you haven't touched a flashlight before. In reality, there are major differences between individual flashlights.

You should be asking yourself what you need to consider when buying an LED flashlight, what are the differences between models and manufacturers, and finally which one to buy.

arkfeld flashlights in different colors

Shape, Color, Size and Weight

The most obvious differences are shape, color, size and weight. The first visual impression often determines whether you like the shape of the flashlight.

There are also many people who like the different colors of the flashlight, and even buy multiple flashlights of the same model for different colors

However, things get a lot more interesting when it comes to shape, size and weight, and these properties are all interrelated. If you must consider these points, you should also include the use of considerations.

Do you want your flashlight to fit in your jacket pocket and be as accessible as possible? Or maybe you'd rather choose a powerful, larger and heavier flashlight.

Of course, they each have advantages and disadvantages, and it is recommended that you make a choice after considering your actual needs.

Hand feel and processing quality

There is also a huge difference in feel and finish quality, which is often reflected in price.

What material is the flashlight made of? Aluminum or plastic? Are the threads cut cleanly and is it easy to turn on the flashlight? These issues all need to be considered.


Energy supply is also an important issue. Which rechargeable batteries or accumulators are needed? How is the battery charged?

Many devices now provide the function of charging the device using a USB data cable. In this case, a device with magnetic charging will be more convenient.

18650 vs 21700 vs 20700 Akkus - Welcher ist besser?

Light output, light intensity, light area and light duration

Light output, light intensity, light area and light duration, these properties determine the performance of the flashlight, and these properties also determine whether the flashlight meets your needs.

Olight Seeker 3 Pro:Up to 4200 lumens, ultimate performance

Features and Functions

There are many differences in terms of features and functions, and here you should consider which functions you need.

Does the flashlight have a dimming function? Is there a flash function? Is there an SOS function? And whether the light has other colors of LED lights.

Olight Baton 3:EDC flashlight with strobe function


If you want to buy a flashlight, the price factor is also very important. Because the price range of flashlights on the market is very wide, some flashlights are ridiculously low, and some flashlights may cost you hundreds of dollars.

You can choose the most suitable flashlight based on the above points and combine your actual needs, and try to save money.

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