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How to Livestream a Pre-Recorded Video on Youtube?

17 Dec 2022, 21:11 GMT+10

The video streaming industry has seen massive growth in recent years due to technological advances and the widespread availability of high-speed internet. According to a report by Statista, revenue from global video streaming services is set to reach over $70 billion by 2024. This indicates an exponential increase in popularity and usage, which can be attributed to factors such as the convenience of streaming videos online, the increasing number of platforms offering video content, and the availability of high-definition quality.

But it's often challenging to reach a broader audience and keep them engaged with your content. A pre-recorded live stream helps to gain the most viewership and quality of content, but you must still ensure that your video is distributed perfectly. Livestreaming a pre-recorded video on YouTube is a great way to reach millions of viewers, but it's not always easy. It's a complex process, but you can make it possible with the proper steps and tools.

In this blog, we will discuss how to Livestream a pre-recorded video on YouTube. Let's get started.

What You Need to Livestream Pre-Recorded Videos on Youtube

Before you can begin Livestreaming a pre-recorded video on YouTube, there are a few things you need to set up. You need a complete strategy to ensure that your video reaches the maximum number of viewers. Here's a checklist of what you need to prepare:

  • Fast Internet Connection
  • A YouTube Channel
  • A Computer or Laptop
  • Camera or Webcam to Capture Your Shows
  • A Video Editing Software
  • OBS Studio
  • A Streaming Software with pre-recorded video streaming features like Castr

Once you have these tools, you're ready to start.

Livestream a Pre-Recorded Video on Youtube

Now that you have the necessary components let's look at how to Livestream a pre-recorded video on YouTube. Here's an easy step-by-step guide:

Capture Your Shows:

The first step is to capture your shows using a camera or webcam. Since you are getting time to prepare, you should create a script for your video content. Make your video following the script and record it using your camera or webcam. But always try to make it natural and engaging with proper background music and graphics.

Edit Your Video Content:

Once your video is recorded, you can use editing software to make it look better. You can trim your videos and add background music, titles, and other elements to make them more attractive. Always use copyright-free music and graphics to avoid copyright issues.

Compress Your Video

A large-size video file is unsuitable for streaming and can cause buffering issues. Therefore, it is essential to compress your video file not to take too long to upload and stream. A compressed video file ensures smooth and fast streaming.

Set Up OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is a free, open-source software for broadcasting and streaming live video content. You can use this software to broadcast your pre-recorded video on YouTube. By integrating this software with Castr, you can Livestream your pre-recorded video on YouTube and 30+ other streaming platforms.

Subscribe to a Castr Plan:

Once you are done with setting up the OBS Studio, subscribe to Castr and create an account. It is a streaming software for broadcasting pre-recorded videos to YouTube and 30+ streaming platforms. Moreover, Castr has multistreaming features that allow you to stream your pre-recorded video on multiple platforms simultaneously. Definitely, it'll help you reach more people.

Start Streaming:

Now it's the final time to stream your pre-recorded video on YouTube. Connect OBS Studio with Castr and start streaming. Always try to simulcast your videos on as many streaming platforms as possible. This will help your video reach more people and get the best engagement.

Why Should You Livestream Pre-Recoded Video

Livestreaming pre-recorded video is quickly becoming an important part of staying connected during this time of limited interpersonal contact. Livestreaming video lets you reach your audience immediately with engaging visuals, build an atmosphere, draw attention to a particular message, and offer something more interactive than just ordinary media.

One benefit of Livestreaming pre-recorded videos is that it's much more efficient than other methods and allows you to be thoughtful with your editing. By having a live performance, you maintain a sense of immediacy for your viewers so they can focus on what matters most - your message.

By being consistent in your live streaming, you will develop a loyal viewership who regularly tune in. This commitment from your audience keeps them engaged with your content. In other words, live streaming pre-recorded videos provides value for any individual or organization creating content.


It can be concluded that live-streaming a pre-recorded video on YouTube is an excellent way to reach millions of viewers. With the right steps, tools, and software, you can make it possible to Livestream a pre-recorded video on YouTube. Start streaming to reach more people and get the maximum

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