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Why Should You Invest in Animated Advertising In 2023?

22 Dec 2022, 00:18 GMT+10

Your customers don't want to be sold. They just love to buy!

That is perhaps the most important marketing lesson any marketer can learn. You don't want to sound too salesy to make your prospect respond favorably. Salesy or aggressive selling no longer works.

But, successful marketers are excellent storytellers. They speak to an audience in the most elegant fashion and through the most engaging channel.

They educate their target audience and offer them a new idea or sensation to wonder and resonate with the brand's persona.

When that actually happens, customers come sweeping in.

So, good marketers persuade their audiences to make better decisions or discover an even better solution to their problems.

When it comes to storytelling, it's worth knowing that animated advertising has proven to be remarkable.

Animation outsourcing companies that have leveraged the potential of animated content creation have made astounding progress in sales.

Their partner brands are actually growing with an emotionally-charged and ever-loyal audience.

Take the example of Cadbury's Diary Milk. With a combination of sweet music and animated characters in its ads, Cadbury has been fairly successful in appealing to a child audience.

Animation suits perfectly a product that falls in the confectionary category. Plus, kids love animated stuff.

Since animated adverts are doing so well, it would be best to know what makes them special. We'll understand how animated content appeals to your audience, and why people should invest in animated commercials in 2023.

Before we dive into that it's worth knowing that animation commercial cost is often misunderstood. Perhaps, that's what stops small business owners and new brands from leveraging their potential.

Most small owners hesitate to revamp their ad campaigns because they don't know how much does it cost to make a 30-second commercial?

Never mind, here are five-compelling reasons why you should invest in animated commercials in 2023.

1.   Greater brand recognition

Animations are eye-catching. Creative visuals will catch the breath of viewers more than live-action clips. As a marketer, you want to make sure your delivery is unique and memorable.

Animated delivery seems to appeal more to a younger audience.

More importantly, as top brands create exceptional quality explainer content around their product and services, there is a view that animated adverts might just help you to elevate your brand persona.

2.   Easier content retention

All content creators are serving a refined audience. Before we try to get our message across, we must know that our attention spans are decreasing.

Plus, studies also show that people were able to retain animations after 21 days of watching.

Needless to say, static texts and pictures with minimal colors rarely appeal to the audience.

So, recalling your message can be a real struggle for your prospect.   Plus, with the ongoing trends in content creation, you can hardly keep up, if you emphasize more on textual content.

So, animation is the way to go!

3.   Better reputation and more trust

When you roll out a campaign with animated delivery, there are a few things you can do better than a commercial that involves real actors.

First, celebrities have admirers as well as haters. With animated characters, you leave no space for biased opinions. As a result, with your animated ads, you can influence your audience in a more thriving manner.

Secondly, animated explainer content tells the viewer that you're creative and want to educate your prospects. Your tone does not appear salesy to them. So, they're likely to engage and gain knowledge.

Thirdly, explainer videos work perfectly to convey instructions. You can easily tell how a certain product or service will serve the needs of the user.

What might be a sales delivery of several minutes, can be an animated ad of just 40 seconds. On top of everything, your message is far more impactful and has the potential to swoop in conversions!

So, the ROI for animated commercials is amazing!

4.   Ideal for humorous content

Animated advertising works really well in promoting a strong brand image and building trust.

But wait, there's more.

Animated advertising can reveal strong emotional value for the viewer with its colorful scenes and transitions.

The release of strong emotions like happiness, fear, humor and much more can actually help viewers to resonate with the brand more deeply.

Animated ads work best when a campaign focuses on humor. Tom and Jerry is real gold. For Cartoon Network, it has been that gift that keeps giving on.

You can wrap your head around humorous delivery and test animated ads for your brand. These are also more likely to work on social media, where most humorous videos go viral overnight.

Painting an animated picture of your comics also ensures that the viewer will have an entirely unique experience.

5.   Emotionally appealing

Animations can even go viral. Here's a simple example to understand how animated delivery is attractive and makes people resonate with the message.

We all use emojis in our chats. These animated emoticons are easier to recall and enough to excite the reader than a large chunk of text.

Young or old, everyone is enjoying the use of emojis in chats. Perhaps emojis are the best to get the message across more easily.

The reader can easily understand the tone and respond to it more frankly. That's just a glimpse of how much more useful animated delivery can be in marketing.

Besides, animation in ads keeps viewers connected. As they're excited about your story and character and love to resonate with the character's persona, they tend to have an active relationship with your brand.

This excitement to engage with your animated campaign compels them to purchase and stay loyal to your brand.

That's the power of animation in advertising. It's not likely to go out of trend any time sooner.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, animated advertising has immense potential for success. Animated delivery has amazing potential to unveil even the most profound of messages.

The trend is not going anywhere. Marketers of today and tomorrow will continue to leverage the power of animated delivery.


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