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How You Can Save Environment?

22 Dec 2022, 17:24 GMT+10

It is a much talked about topic to save environment but unfortunately we have not nailed this task yet after decades of fuss. We are still coming across questions that shows the concern of people towards environment like are orbeez bad for environment and should be try eco-friendly products. But there is no improvement on ground level. So here we will talk about some genuine way by which you can protect the environment on your personal level to contribute your role rather than blaming the government.

Why it is important to save environment?

It is very important to protect the environment by efforts of every person living on it. By doing so we can reduce the depletion of ozone layer that restrict the harmful rays of sun to touch the earth. At the same time we can also check the diseases that are spreading because of environment pollution. Apart from it saving environment also ensure the sustainable development to meet the natural resources for future generation too. All these reasons are enough to protect the nature earth from getting polluted. Here are some ways that we can try on personal level to save our environment.

Tips to save environment efficiently

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle is not a cliche

This is a very old statement we are listening and reading from childhood that we should reduce the use of natural resources, recycle them and reuse them. But we hardly pay attention to it and consider it a cliche statement only. Well this is not a general statement that we can afford to ignore and we should strictly follow this rule of save our environment.

  1. Bring down the consumption of non-renewal resources

Make sure that you are bringing down the use of non-renewal resources like petrol, coal etc. to save the earth. These resources are limited and we cannot use them unmindfully. Make sure that you are leaving behind good quantity of them for the future generations too. At the same time it will decrease load on the environment and we can save the earth by doing so as well.

  1. Do plantation as much as possible

The next thing is plantation that can also save the environment as well. Planting tree reduce the level of pollution from environment and also give us fresh air to breath. But unfortunately we are left with limited number of plants today which is a matter of concern. So make this very clear in your mind to plant trees as much as possible you can. That is how you can bring a big change on your level to save the environment.

  1. Use eco-friendly products

The next step that you can take in order to save the environment is to use eco-friendly products. For example you can use bio gas instead of LPG for cooking at home. The use of organic manure and such things can also help you to save the earth. Also try to switch to organic products in your food to give your best contribution in saving the environment.

  1. Using public transport reduce pollution

Using public transport can also help to reduce the level of pollution in atmosphere. The emission of harmful content and free radicals from the cars is very harmful for the environment. They cause air pollution to a great amount and that is why public transport can help to reduce it significantly. You can also switch to organic means of transportation like cycles for nearby travels.

  1. Do not litter in water streams

Many people have this habit of littering the waste material like paper, trash and such stuff in water streams. As a result of which they gets clogged there and thus hamper the flow of these streams. This ultimately leads to death of many water flora and fauna along with flood in rainy seasons. Littering is not an option at all and we all should avoid it to protect the earth.

  1. Spread awareness about environment protection

The last but not the least thing is to spread awareness about environment protection through online and offline channels. You can ask your friends to clean a nearby ground on weekend to send a message to the public to keep the environment clean. Apart from it there are many other ways to aware the folk about the environment protection.

So this is how you can contribute your role to save the environment. It is the duty of every single individual to protect the environment rather than blaming the authorities. If we all will be aware of saving the atmosphere then we do not need any system to take care of it. That is why we all should pay attention to this arena so that we can live a healthy life which is free of diseases.

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