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7 Questions To Ask A Lawyer After a Car Accident

30 Dec 2022, 14:15 GMT+10

Car accidents can be incredibly stressful, and taking the right steps to get your life back on track is essential. One of those steps is consulting with a lawyer specializing in auto accidents. But there are specific questions that you should always ask before hiring anyone or signing any paperwork.

Here are some of the common sample questions you should ask to help you get the right person for the job;

1. What Experience Do You Have?

You want to ensure your lawyer has the experience and expertise to handle your case, like John Torgenson. It's not just about years of practice, either. You want someone familiar with the laws on auto accidents in your state, the court system, and other related matters.

2. What Are My Rights?

Different states have different laws regarding car accidents. So, your lawyer needs to explain your rights as an injured party. This explanation includes things like how much compensation you may be entitled to and what options are available for seeking damages.

3. How Will I Be Kept Updated?

Ask your attorney how they keep their clients informed throughout the process of filing a claim or lawsuit. This update could involve sending emails or text messages, providing regular updates during phone calls, or even keeping an online portal.

4. How Will I Pay for Legal Fees?

Some attorneys may require payment upfront, while others work on a contingency fee basis. For the latter, the attorney doesn't get paid until after a successful outcome in your case (which typically means winning the claim or lawsuit).

Find out which payment model works best for both parties before signing any contracts with the lawyer or law firm representing you.

5. Are There Alternatives?

Before filing a lawsuit against another driver, explore options such as mediation or arbitration. Such may help resolve matters without the lengthy litigation processes (and associated legal fees).

Ask your attorney if these alternatives exist and whether they could benefit both parties involved in the dispute over damages caused by the accident.

6. How Long Will This Take?

Depending on your case's complexity, it could take months (even years) before all issues get resolved. It could take even longer before all claims are paid out accordingly by the responsible parties involved in the accident. That, of course, includes insurance companies.

Get an estimate from your lawyer about how long this process might take. This way, you can plan accordingly when scheduling appointments and dealing with other aspects of post-accident life (such as medical treatments).

7. Should I Settle Out of Court?

Lastly, find out whether or not you can settle out of court with the other party involved. Your attorney may advise that litigation could result in more favorable outcomes than settling outside court. Some settlements may not cover all costs associated with medical bills and damage repairs caused by the crash.

Talk to John Torgenson Today

After being involved in a car accident, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by all the tasks, especially finding an experienced lawyer to guide you. Asking these seven questions can help ensure that everything runs smoothly. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of correctly by qualified professionals like John Torgenson.




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