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Best Thai Restaurants in Johor Bahru Malaysia

18 Jan 2023, 20:31 GMT+10

Looking for a delicious Thai meal in Johor Bahru? Our list of the best Thai restaurants in Johor Bahru has it all! These restaurants offer some of the finest Thai food in Malaysia so you can be sure to find something that suits your palate. This list includes everything from spicy curries to mild, creamy dishes.

1. Soul Thai Restaurant

Soul Thai Restaurant has been serving thai food since 2009 and offers a variety of snacks and traditional Thai food. They are aware that Malaysia is multi-racial and do not use pork or lard in any of their dishes.

Seasonally, they serve crab in many ways. They are all traditional Thai. The combination of sweet, naturally sweet crab meat with bright Thai flavors will leave you wanting more.

They also offer popular Thai dishes like Tomyum Soup and Mango salad, as well as Green Curry Chicken. These dishes are prepared using Thai special sauces and fresh ingredients from Thailand.

The restaurant's cozy atmosphere was another highlight. It featured Thai elements throughout the decor. This makes it a wonderful place to enjoy the delicious Thai food.

2. Bangkok Village

Bangkok Village is a chic and sophisticated place where you can enjoy delicious Thai food. Bangkok Village is located in a tropical garden that features mangroves, hanging vines, water features, and fish ponds. The tranquility and peace it creates allows customers to feel calm and relaxed.

Siakap Tiga Rasa, also known as Thai Lemon Steamed Siakap, is one of their most popular dishes. We are certain that even if you don't like Ikan Siakap because of its muddy taste you will be a convert after you try it. The tangy, savory sauce takes away the muddy taste Ikan Siakap has and brings out Ikan siakap's natural sweetness.

This delicious cuisine will not leave you with any muddy taste. If you don't like steamed fish, the Siakap can be deep fried. The Ikan Siakap should retain its tenderness while remaining crispy on the outside. Pair it with spicy Thai-style gravy for a sweet, spicy and tangy taste.

Next, the Stir Fried Squid With Sambal And Petai is a Bangkok Village favorite dish. This delicious combination can be paired with rice, or eaten on its own.

The squid flesh retains its bounciness perfectly, and Sambal's spiciness is just right. You may find that your petai are larger and more juicer if you only use them.

3. Carabao authentic Thai Restaurant

CARABAO, as shown in the logo, is actually a Tagolog term that means 'Buffalo.' The restaurant's owner was inspired by a trip to Chengmai in 2002. You will be amazed at their perfect balance of spice and sourness. They offer mouthwatering Thai food.

Their Thai Mango Salad, Spicy Fried Black Pepper Crab and Spicy Fried Black Pepper Crab are their signature dishes. Mango salad is a great summer side dish, and they promise it will be your favorite during the hot season. This cool dish is made from unripe mangoes and vegetables, which are thinly sliced in noodle forms and finished with a refreshing Thai-style sauce. Once you have a bite, you will taste the combination of the unripe mangoes' sourness and the cold, spicy sauce.

Their Spicy Fried Black Pepper Crab, on the other hand is seasonal. This dish is great for those who love spicy food. It's sauteed in a spicy sauce to give it a spicy and hot taste. This extravagantly delicious menu is worth a try. You won't find a better alternative at any other restaurant.

You might also try their Thai Pumpkin Custard Dessert Recipe, Sankaya, or Thai pumpkin custard. This is a Thai-style inside-out pumpkin pie made with coconut milk and egg custard. It's steamed inside a hollowed pumpkin.

4. Amphawa Boat Noodle

You will be amazed at the stacked bowls that line the entrance to the restaurant. Amphawa Boat Noodle is a well-respected restaurant in Johor Bahru that serves boat noodles at a very affordable price of RM2 per head.

Thai Boat noodles, also known as "Kuay Teow Reua" in Thai, is a popular street food of native Thais. These noodles come in small bowls with small amounts of chicken, beef, or prawn. You don't have to travel to Thailand to get this bowl of noodles. There is one in Johor Bahru.

This shop is not to be missed. It was originally served by vendors on floating boats in Amphawa canals, and the recipes have been passed down through three generations.

It is possible to order their Tomyam Lobster noodles for those who have a huge appetite or are seafood lovers. Imagine the enormous fresh lobster, prawns and mussels in the bowl, along with slivers eggs and noodles, all tossed into a delicious broth.

They also serve other Thai delights like Pandan Chicken, also known as Gai Hor Bai Toey. You can also enjoy their Thai Iced Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, and Thai Iced Coffee. They are all just as refreshing.

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