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The Essentials A Of Triple Net Lease For Sale

08 Feb 2023, 12:53 GMT+10

The Essentials A Of Triple Net Lease For Sale

Triple net lease agreements are a common way for commercial tenants to take responsibility for the costs associated with property ownership. This includes rent, utilities; as well as taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses that would normally fall on landlords in standard leases. By contrast, single-net and double-net arrangements require only some of these payments from tenants while covered by their landlord still others.

When it comes to commercial real estate, tenants should be aware of net leases - agreements that require payment for taxes, fees and maintenance associated with the property. Keeping up with these costs is a key responsibility in such arrangements.

Triple net leases can provide a unique advantage to both tenants and property owners when commercial properties are concerned. Rather than the traditional lease agreement, where landlords bear responsibility for taxes, insurance costs, repairs or maintenance of the building - in this case, those responsibilities fall on the tenant's shoulders while offering them lower rent prices as an incentive. The capitalization rate ("cap rate") used to estimate how much should be charged in these agreements is largely based on a tenant's creditworthiness.

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Triple Net Leases vs. Single Net Leases and Double Net Leases

NNN leases are one of the most popular forms of commercial net lease agreements. However, single-net (N) and double-net (NN) options can also be beneficial for tenants who find themselves in control over just two or three obligations: rent payments as well as insurance premiums and/or property taxes when applicable. By choosing a NN option, renters may benefit from lower base rents due to these additional expenses being taken on by landlords - who retain responsibility for maintenance costs alone.

Pros and cons of Triple Net Leases for sale

Triple net leases provide a straightforward and stress-free arrangement for both tenants and landlords alike; however, it can be inconvenient as the tenant is fully responsible for all associated expenses.

Advantages of Triple Net Leases for sale

For tenants:

Tenants have the power to shape their living space. From maintenance and upkeep to insurance carriers and taxes, fine-tuning details based on personal preference allows for an optimized cost of ownership without sacrificing desired amenities or appearance.

For landlords: 


Triple net leases provide a reliable and stable stream of income, creating financial certainty for owners.

With a triple net lease, landlords can free themselves from the worry of managing extra costs and issues. The tenant takes on responsibility for utility expenses, repairs, taxes and property management - leaving them more time to focus solely on their core business activities.

Disadvantages of Triple Net Leases for sale

For tenants:

Tenants take responsibility for the financial obligations associated with property taxes and insurance premiums. Tenants will also be expected to attend to any maintenance needs of their leased space.

Landlords often quote an inflated rental price, causing tenants to pay more than necessary for their operating costs.

Tenants can actively engage in property management, from finding qualified repair companies to acquiring effective insurance coverage and defending against unjust taxes.

Occupancy may look straightforward on the surface. However, unforeseen costs could suddenly appear without advance notice. Factors such as maintenance and taxation liabilities can arise abruptly - be sure to plan ahead!

For landlords:


Landlords must carefully select tenants and consider the potential of a period without rental income when lease agreements come to an end. With triple net leases, this could mean extended downtime if reliable renters cannot be found promptly.

Landlords should pay close attention to their tenant's financial profiles when considering leases; after all, the ability of a tenant to cover operational costs is vital for successful rental agreements.

Investing in Triple Net Leases for sale

Investors seeking a steady income stream and lower risk have increasingly turned to triple-net leased properties. These investments comprise multiple high-grade commercial buildings, such as office spaces, shopping centers, or industrial parks - all under one tenant's lease with predetermined cash flow for extended periods up to 15 years in length. Strategically located bank branches, pharmacies and restaurant chains are often included within the portfolio providing secure rental payments over time via contractual rent escalations clauses.

Investing in triple-net-lease real estate offers a wealth of opportunities for investors. They can benefit from long-term, stable income and the potential to see their capital appreciate over time - all with no need to worry about executing repairs or maintaining vacancies. Plus, through 1031 tax deferment exchanges upon the sale of properties at maturity, people are able to reallocate money without being hit by hefty taxes.

Accredited investors with a net worth exceeding $1 million, excluding their primary residence value, or an income of at least $200K/yr ($300K for joint filers) can seize the opportunity to invest in high-yielding triple net lease real estate investments. Those wanting more flexibility may explore REITs that specialize in such properties as well!

Is a Triple Net Lease for sale a great idea?

Triple net leases are a win-win for both tenants and landlords alike. Tenants can enjoy the freedom of customizing their space without heavy investments while adding stability through caps on tax or insurance increases - creating an attractive option worth considering! Moreover, these leases create a steady stream of income for landlords with minimal overhead costs; plus, they don't have to invest time in property maintenance which may be seen as an advantage by some.

How to calculate a Triple Net Lease?

Calculating your triple-net lease doesn't have to be complicated. Landlords can add up property taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses for a building and then divide by 12 - giving you the monthly cost. When it comes down to one tenant leasing an entire building, calculating is even simpler; just look at the rate per square footage of the base rental amount each month!


Triple net leases can be a great option for both landlords and tenants as they provide distinct advantages to each. Landlords benefit from steady income streams, property cost stability and more freedom to focus on their own business ventures. 

Tenants often enjoy reduced rent payments in return for taking over the payment of certain expenses associated with maintaining the leased space. While triple net leasing has its benefits, it's important that all parties understand other types, such as single or double net leases, before entering into any agreement.

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