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Believe it or not: Role of Planets on Human behaviour

09 Feb 2023, 20:28 GMT+10

Believe it or not: Role of Planets on Human behaviour

The planets have a great impact on the prediction of human behaviour. The Sun and Saturn are great predictors of human behaviour. The Sun is a signifier of an individual's personality, while Saturn is a signifier of an individual's traits. The planets rule over us with their gravitational pull and affect our lives in many ways. They affect our moods, energy levels, reactions, emotions and even our physical health. Planets not only revolve around sun but also revolves around human behaviour and predicts its nature and factors.


Planets move around the sun at different speeds depending on their mass and size so they have different effects on people from different cultures or nationalities. The further away from the sun an object is located, the slower its speed relative to earth's orbit around the sun will be (unless it has been flung out of this orbit by another force such as a moon). The closer an object is located to earth's orbit, the faster it will travel relative to earth's orbit around the sun (unless it has been flung out of this orbit by another force such as a moon).

If you look at any planet in the solar system, you will see that many factors affect them like gravity, temperature and even atmosphere but one factor that has a great impact on all planets is the planet's mass since this affects how fast it rotates around its axis and also how much heat can be generated by its core due to its rotation rate.

All planets have different masses which means they will also have different rotational rates depending on their size but what we are going to discuss here are two planets which are known as super-Earths (or mini-Neptunes) namely Pluto and Eris whose masses were recently discovered by astronomers using new techniques .

How Celestial Bodies Determine And Predict Human Behaviour 

The planets have a significant role in human behaviour. They can be used to predict and prevent crime, promote education and help people overcome addiction. The study of the planets has been used for centuries to help people understand themselves and their place in the universe.

The planets are symbols of power in astrology, which can be used to predict future events. They have a strong influence on our character and personality traits. The role of planets in human behaviour can be seen as being two-fold.

  • Firstly, they exert a subtle influence on our psychological make-up and secondly, they act as a catalyst for certain processes to occur. For example, the sign and house position of the Sun at birth is believed to influence our personality and personality traits.
  • The Sun's sign at birth is thought to affect us in terms of our self-esteem, willpower and sense of purpose. The house position of the Sun at birth has been shown to have an effect on such things as intelligence, emotions and learning abilities.
  • Pluto is said to exert a strong influence on our subconscious mind; it is believed that Pluto acts as a catalyst for dreams and nightmares, which may explain why we have such vivid dreams during this period of time. Pluto also has an effect on relationships because it rules over jealousy, possessiveness and possessive behaviours.
  • The Sun and the Moon have a strong influence on our behaviour. The Sun is the giver of life and energy, while the Moon is a source of emotions and instincts. The Sun rules over our physical and mental health, while the Moon rules over our emotional life.

The Sun is known as the planet of energy and vitality. As such, it's no surprise that sun signs are associated with different personalities. Some people are more energetic than others and do better under the influence of this sign - think George Clooney, or even Daniel Radcliffe (back in his Harry Potter days). You can easily find how strong the Sun is in your chart by consulting a good astrologer in Delhi, Pune, or Chennai or try an online expert.

The Moon is also closely linked to our emotions - it controls our feelings and moods. Our feelings can be influenced by the phases of the moon too - think about how we feel when things go wrong during a full moon (as opposed to a new one).

Mercury is generally considered an airy-fairy planet that brings out creativity in people who are more sensitive or artistic than others. But it can also bring out a sense of humour in those who aren't naturally funny but put on a show for their friends anyway!

Venus is associated with love for some people, who see her as a symbol of passion. Venus is as we all know is a great month or horoscope for a number of people and they will definitely be a person with so much passion and desire. It is a good idea to seek better insight on Venus's position in your chart by consulting astrologers in Mumbai, Agra, or Indore.  

Just as planets revolve around the sun, they also revolve around human behaviour. Our actions can affect everything from global climate change to economic stability to social justice. By understanding how our behaviour affects others, we can make informed decisions that will benefit everyone in the long run.

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