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Important Resume Writing Rules That Are Not Written

26 Feb 2023, 23:14 GMT+10

 Writing a good resume is very important for an individual to find the perfect job. Many people have resumes in their hands but very few people pass the criteria and all the format instructions of their resume. Though it is a time taking process, if you manage a good resource for reference you can build a good resume on your own in less than the expected time.

Your resume type and content clearly depend on the job profile you are applying for. As we know, making a resume is a time taking process and also needs a check to all the do's and don'ts for resume building, there are many professional resume writing services in India that can help you out. However, if you want to make a resume yourself, then you have to know the below listed unwritten rules to make your resume or CV.

The below points are a brief of what the hiring authorities are expecting from a candidate in their resume:

  • A resume must be attractive to keep the interest of the hiring authorities. This will always help you to check if your resume is attractive enough to read or not.
  • Always focus on your skillset while creating a perfect resume if you are a fresher or a college student applying for an internship or on campus. The reason is your skillset section is most important as a fresher. Many recruiters head to the skill-set section, so always be updated with this section.
  • Always keep yourself in the place of the employer who is going to read your resume. Think about what an employer wants to see in a potential candidate. Incorporate such things in your resume.

Important Rules For Resume Writing 

  1. Keep Your Certifications Highlighting

Keep your certifications in a highlighted way. Your documents should be inserted in a neat, clean and systematic link. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

For example; if you are mentioning a good technical skill in your certification section then try to add a google drive link to the corresponding skill certificate, this will uplift your resume and will show you a potential candidate

  1. Share Your Resume In A PDF Standard

Providing your resume document in a standard format is very important to keep it professional and presentable, thus make sure to share your resume in pdf standard. The other formats like .doc etc are not recommended because the data inside them may not look professional when they are opened by other systems and also the spacing and styling differences may occur after sharing the files.

  1. Provide Relevant Content

Always mention the valid points that are in motion to the job profile of the company. Recruiters are not in search of an all-rounder person but for a candidate who highly correlates with the skill set requirements for the job profile. For example; if you are applying for a position of software developer in XYZ company and mentioning the skills of a content writer then this will surely not help you in any way. Try to add the developer's skills to your resume so that it can be visible to the recruiters and can be moved forward for further rounds.

Moreover, many companies have ATS ( automatic tracking system) for resume shortlisting. These days, every single company is using ATS to lower their burden and shortlist the best candidates for their company and you should not be rejected in this round. So, never make this mistake of inserting irrelevant points in your resume, they will contribute nothing but will take up a lot of space in your resume. If you want to crack the ATS then your resume-mentioned skills should at least match 60% or more skills of the skill sets present in the ATS. So, always check your resume skills and job skills, correlate them and then apply.

Tip - Do Not Fake Skills. Be honest, recruiters love candidates who are willing to learn and be honest about their skills.

  1. Do Not Use Any Abbreviations In Your Resume

Don't make your resume difficult to read and understand, in short make it easy for everyone to read. Don't use abbreviations for the terms you know and that you think everyone would also know. Many recruiters don't come from technical backgrounds and keeping such abbreviations will not help you in any way. Always mention the full name of the course or certification you are mentioning.

For example;  Skill - EDA   (Don't use this)

Skill - Exploratory data analysis (recommended)

  1. Highlight Your Strengths

Often we forget to highlight our strengths while trying to adjust every important thing in our resume. Never do this, instead add your strengths and achievements whether they are technical or technical, in the achievement section.

For example; Strengths - Physical - Sports, art activities etc

Personality skills - Perseverant, Diligent, time management, ability to work with others etc.

  1. Positive Attitude

Your resume should follow a single positive attitude from top to bottom, never make any point deviating from the rest of the content. In simple words, make all your points in motion to the job description of the profile you are applying for.

  1. Name Your Resume Correctly

The name of a resume is one of the most important points yet ignored by many candidates. Always name your resume correctly and in a formal way. Your resume name is your identity and recruiters will find your resume with that name. Giving any unprofessional or informal hints with having a bad resume name will simply reject you in seconds.

STANDARD FORMAT - firstname_lastname.pdf  OR  firstname_lastname_jobposition.pdf

For example -    Purvi_Bhoyar_Resume.pdf  (correct way)

Purvi_resUme(1).pdf            (wrong way)

Purvi124.doc                           (wrong way)

Few Final Words

Use the above important tips which are very important while creating a resume. Also, there are many CV writing services in India that can help you to build a resume that is appealing as well as professional and will help you get the desired job.


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