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6 Tips to Choose the Best UCAT Course in 2023

20 Mar 2023, 21 GMT+10

The demand for professionals in the field of medicine is rising consistently. That being said, the likelihood of students having degrees in the area is growing. However, it is not as easy as it is said. Most universities require aspirants to take a UCAT test to assess their professional qualities.

UCAT is unquestionably important. That is, UCAT results determine whether or not an individual is suitable to take the path. UCAT being substantial also means that it is equally challenging as the exam includes a division of topics to gauge potential.

Accordingly, preparation is the key to overcoming the hurdle of the test. And a way to do it is by choosing the best UCAT course

What is the UCAT?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a two-hour computer admission test associated with universities that evaluate the ability to think, characteristics, behavior, and professional attitude imperative to the medical profession.

The test is created to measure aptitude and behavior, not inclined to educational achievement. It seeks to determine a certain extent of logical abilities and behavioral attributes that are useful in the field.

The UCAT is comprised of five subtests identified as the following:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgment

Tips for Choosing the Best UCAT Course

When attempting to take the exam, jumping straight into it unprepared is wrong. The test is not as ordinary as taking a quiz at school. UCAT holds a great impact on future decisions. In this regard, choosing the most suitable UCAT course is a way to start the preparation.

1. Consider the Method of Course

UCAT courses vary in methods- live teaching or self-paced study. Diverse people learn in diverse ways. When deciding to take one, the first thing to do is to identify which method to take. Not only does determining the right method give the comfort of learning, but it also helps target what an individual is looking for in preparation.

Between the two methods, neither is legitimately better than the other. Both are beneficial depending on preferences. Below are the methods' advantages and disadvantages for a closer look at the options.

Live Teaching Course

Live teaching is a course done through a teaching setup or video conference. This method can be led by one or more instructors who will deliver the expertise needed before taking the test.


  • Live teaching/tutoring for interactive learning
  • Specifications are always up to date
  • Open for further discussions
  • Covers essentials without fillers


  • Can only be available for 1-2 days
  • Need to follow the course schedule strictly
  • Need to attend the course on the specified time

Self-paced Study

Self-paced learning is a course that includes pre-organized resources made into material that aspirants can use and follow on their availability. This method is generally available online and is curated like workbooks, video tutorials, and questionnaires.


  • Resources are available over the paid term
  • Some provide actual test experience
  • Can provide flexibility due to the availability of resources anytime


  • Finding answers on unclear topics independently
  • Content may be overwhelming for some
  • Can be out-of-date

2. Run a Background Check

When seeking the best UCAT course, knowing the people behind it is crucial. On live learning, look over who will be teaching. Same as with self-paced learning, know who curated the materials and the people who recorded the video tutorials. Doing so is enough to know the credibility of the courses.

Most of the UCAT courses include those working to strengthen reliability. When such a matter is not seen, looking off-site to further research background is better.

3. Examine Learning Materials

Learning materials are the ticket to achieving the UCAT dream, so it is essential to take an overview of the courses' modalities and the general construction of the workbooks or videos. 

Alongside this, UCAT consistently updates and changes the exam set. An outstanding course also takes this matter to refresh and improve the materials to provide current and accurate information.

4. Look for The Course Demo

Some research shows that a way to effectively and efficiently prepare for something is to have the actual feeling or at least a replica of the experience. In this regard, choosing a UCAT course that uses a platform that looks, performs, and shows what UCAT does live is ideal. 

Test questionnaires may be an edge over online courses since testing experience is usually already included. However, using both methods, most live teaching has also incorporated online platforms for test demos.

5. Track Record of Success

The best UCAT course has demonstrated a long-established record of success. Considering the history and accomplishments when looking for the course is a factor in deciphering the best.

Being capable of running over years of service is an asset in building a position in the applicants' option. But, it does not mean that recently built and formed courses are already out of the page. There may be cases in which newly established courses have already taken further research on the downturns that long-running courses may neglect.

Still, looking into the courses obtained during service is better to determine if they fit the standard and goals in preparing for the test.

6. Check Reviews

After all that, what could have been the best way to know the credibility of the courses is through people's experience. Nothing beats the testimonials of individuals who have gone through what others will be facing. 

When in doubt, check reviews. That section holds the most credibility to support the course's stand strongly. Reviews can be a source of enlightenment and truth. When looking for UCAT courses, not all information is shown beforehand. Through the words of others, it is easier to learn what is more than what is shown.

Besides, looking off-site, such as blogs, can help enumerate the best courses. Generally, articles as such list courses from collated reviews of the public to generate highly recommended.

Be a Step Closer to The Goal

Choosing the right UCAT course is not a small decision to put together. After all, the preparation is for the sake of a future profession, so making the right choice will pay off greatly. 

Take time to record all prospective courses, and with those mentioned above, gradually clean off the list with those who are unfit until the best UCAT course remains.


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