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Celtic Knots and Their Meanings

28 Mar 2023, 21:30 GMT+10

You've probably seen a Celtic knot before. They're beautiful, intricate, and popular drawings. But do you know their meanings?

Celtic knots have become a symbol of deep, spiritual meaning in recent years. They can be found on pendants, clothes, and tapestries. Many people use the Celtic knot tattoo to express their identity or to pay homage to their ancestry.

But did you know there's a deep meaning behind the Celtic knot's design? For a more in-depth look at the Celtic meaning behind knots, keep reading.


The Triquetra is a type of Celtic knot that consists of three interlocked arcs, with three corners forming a triangle. It is believed to have dated back to as early as 500 BC. It has many meanings associated with it, such as the holy trinity, nature, spirit, body, mind, and soul.

It has also been used as a symbol of motherhood and for protection. This Celtic knot has been used as an amulet and as a symbol of fate and life's never-ending cycle.

Quaternary Knot

This intricately detailed knot symbolizes the four essential elements of life, including earth, wind, fire, and water. In some cultures, it is also said to represent the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

The four distinct and intertwining strands of the Quaternary Knot serve to remind us of the four distinct elements and their continual, interconnected cycles. It also serves to remind us of the interconnectedness of a life experience and its ever-increasing wheel of progress and evolution.

Five-Fold Knot

It is known by many names, such as the mystic knot, the end of all knots, or simply the five knots. This symbol is usually composed of five interconnected loops, and its weaving style can vary significantly.

In Celtic culture, the five-fold knot is one of the most significant symbols, as it is thought to represent the five aspects of life: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.

This knot is believed to represent the interconnectedness of all things, and that is why you can purchase Celtic knot ring here as a reminder that we are all connected and that we can always carry with us the four elements of Nature.

Serpent Knot

The interlacing of its coils represents eternity, and its shape is often interpreted as a symbol of protection, as seen in its exclusive use as an ancient Mori symbol of guardianship.

It also symbolizes infinity, the continuum of life, and the endlessness of nature. The endlessness of the knots emphasizes to us the strength of the connections between all things, the idea of binding together, and the power of unity.

Intertwined Knot

This knot typically contains no beginning or end and appears to be continuously intertwined in a looped pattern. In the Celtic knot meanings, the intertwined knot represents two entities intertwined in the same journey.

It can symbolize two people in a partnership, two families entwined, two souls in the same destiny, or two things coexisting. This knot is also believed to represent an infinite loop of life, protection, and eternity.

Discover the Origins and Meanings of Celtic Knots

Celtic knots have various symbolic meanings and can be used for personal inspiration or as a form of body art. Their interconnectedness can be seen as strength from the union of life and reminders of the cyclical nature of life and eternity.

Explore the different meanings of Celtic knots today and find personal meaning to apply to your own life.

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