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From drivers to passengers, several people get harmed due to a single driver's mistake. The worst part, with so many vehicles involved in the crash, determining fault becomes another issue.

In several situations, determining the party at fault becomes impossible. Maybe it was one person's mistake or more than two parties were at fault. Similarly, there might be a lack of proof which causes the case to become complicated. It becomes difficult for victims to win their legal battle in these circumstances.

The case could continue for months without any party securing a satisfactory win. Here are the top five reasons for your accident case running longer than your expectation. If such a situation occurs, your compensation will be delayed. It will be frustrating, but a better understanding of the matter will help you remain calm.

Poor Choice of Attorney

One significant reason why your case goes on for a longer time is due to the inefficiency of your lawyer. You are at a loss if you choose an inexperienced lawyer with a poor winning streak. They have no idea of how to handle opposition and prove your claim.

Anyone hoping for an easy and quick win should check the attorney's credibility. According to professionals at Dolinsky law group in Nashville, TN, "No one can lessen your suffering, but a good attorney by your side helps you seek justice."

If you want your perpetrator to suffer for his actions, get in touch with a seasoned attorney. You could search around to find the best option in your vicinity. A reputable lawyer can convince the judge and jury in your favor and wrap up the case in weeks.

Insufficient Information Collected at the Crime Scene

Evidence is necessary to prove fault in car crash cases. It could be photographs or witness statements. Sadly, your case takes more time if you can't produce enough evidence to support your claim.

Multiple people get injured in a crash, and they can't find time for clicking pictures or gather witness statements. In such conditions, the judge and jury will not dismiss your matter, but due to missing evidence, they won't be able to give a decision.

Similarly, CCTV recordings are substantial proof, but if an area's cameras weren't working, you won't get any videos of the crash and would be unable to prove your claim.

To get quick results in your case, try collecting as much evidence as possible. Take photos of the damage done to your car and use hospital reports to back your claim. Concrete evidence strengthens your chances of a quick win.

The Insurance Firm Force You to Accept Lesser Compensation

Insurance firms are responsible for compensating victims. Thus, they try every method to save themselves from paying a significant amount. Even if you have several proofs, they could use tactics to deny your claim or delay paying you.


At times insurance firms offer lower settlement amounts, pin partial blame on the victim, and argue that another incident triggered the accident. They even use their attorneys to delay hearings. All these elements slow down the verdict.

Sometimes, insurance companies send out their employees to victims before they can contact an attorney. It's their way of using the victim's confusion in their favor.

To prevent giving any information to insurance agents, delay your meeting with them until you find the right attorney. Those victims who wish for their trial to end soon must understand and smartly fight against the opposition. Otherwise, their case might go on, causing them losses.

Your Injuries are Not Fully Healed

Another reason why your settlement case is taking longer could be your injuries. Victims wait until they reach maximum medical improvement to close their cases.

Car crash victims will find themselves in a poor state after the crash. You will sustain dozens of injuries that could take months to heal. If you accept a deal before receiving complete treatment, the expenses might fall on you.

Therefore, accepting any deal before you fully recover is a mistake. One should fully recover before accepting a settlement offer. Make sure it covers every expense. No matter how long it might take, don't lose your chance of getting a higher compensation.

In case, you suffered life-altering injuries, you will need treatment for your entire life. It makes your claim higher, and the opposition won't accept the situation, resulting in a lengthy legal battle.

Your Accident Case was Unique

Every crash isn't in the same category. Simple crashes have a single party at fault, and the victim can easily file a lawsuit against them in court. It takes a shorter period to reach the final verdict and seek compensation.

However, the same situation doesn't happen in all circumstances. If the damages sustained by the victim are significant, the settlement process is longer.

In the same way, if a commercial truck is responsible for your crash, the case proceedings would be different. Trucks carry numerous insurance policies which extend the legal process.

Victims of rideshare crashes will find it more difficult to settle matters in court because they have to pursue multiple insurance companies.

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