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Most Efficient Methods of Clearing Blocked Drains:

14 Aug 2023, 16:48 GMT+10

What is a drain blockage?

Drains are pathways that facilitate the transportation of wastewater. This wastewater is generated from places like sinks, toilets, and showers. Drains are crucial for disposing of water and ensuring it is channeled from its origin to better regions. They play a significant role in plumbing systems in homes and other structures. When foreign materials, such as food scraps or fat deposits, but usually hair and toiletries, are dumped down the drain, they can cause blockages. Drain blockages can be annoying because wastewater becomes stagnant, and people may become uneasy due to an unpleasant odor. Drains are crucial for removing undesirable water. ASAP Drains, the blocked drain clearing services provided by Gold Coast Plumbers, utilize a high-velocity water jetter. Our plumbers are skilled and can immediately eliminate any blocked drain for you, whether it's a blocked toilet, basin, or shower waste. You can contact any of our skilled and knowledgeable blocked drain plumber, who can offer expert services for clearing stuck debris and unclogging blocked drains.

What causes blockage in the drainage system?

Now the question arises: why are drains blocked, or what causes blocked drains? Blockage occurs for a few different reasons, but they're most often caused by items such as sanitary products that are flushed down the toilet or by leftover cooking fats and oils poured down the kitchen sink. These items stick together; over time, they build up and block pipes and drains. Damaged pipes may also cause them. When pipes are broken, they lead to blockages in the drainage system.

Clearing blocked drainage systems by block drain plumbing:

Blocked drain plumbing is a unique method of cleaning blocked drains by adequately diagnosing and treating blockages in the drainage systems. In this process, plumbers need to identify the main reason behind blockages and then use different methods of clearing the drains. Some of the methods of clearing blockages have been discussed below;


  • Hydro-jetting is a particular method of clearing blocked drains by introducing a high-pressure stream of water into the blocked area, due to which the waste starts flowing and is flushed out of the drain.
  • After properly inspecting the severity of the blockage, a water stream is introduced into the channel that compels the waste and debris to break apart and move out.

Pipe relining or pipe repair:

  • If the pipes get damaged due to continuous blockages, then this method is employed to cover the damaged area with the help of a liner.
  • First of all, a proper inspection with the help of cameras is done, after which the dirt is removed with the help of various cleaning processes like hydro-jetting, etc.
  • The damaged area is then lined with a liner of materials like fiberglass covered with resin. This method is straightforward and helpful since pipes need not be replaced for minor damages.

Using various methods like hydro-jetting and pipe relining, drainage systems can quickly be cleared and unblocked.

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