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How to Choose Good Quality synthetic leather?

23 Aug 2023, 14:42 GMT+10

"For inexperienced people, it will be difficult to know how to choose quality synthetic leather. That way, it's easy to buy products that are poor or of poor value as advertised. Knowing some information about these leather will help customers have more experience in this. Thereby knowing which leather type is good, which leather type is not good, and how to eliminate it.

How to choose synthetic leather?

Below are some options introduced by Yan Chuang. Customers base on this to supplement their own experience. Keep in mind that these experiences may change from time to time as new leather are updated.

Choose by leather type

Another way to choose quality synthetic leather is to choose by leather type name. Know which leather are good and which ones are not so good to know the corresponding selection path. At this time, the synthetic leather are divided into 3 types for customers to choose from.

PU leather is the best leather on the market for synthetic leather. They have the best quality but with the highest price tag. Customers can refer to the extremely high quality PU leather on the market. They are used to make high-end car furniture, home furniture such as sofas, leather seats, leather beds. Other PU leathers are of lower quality and may not be branded.

Microfiber leather is also an synthetic leather that is quite similar to real leather. They are created by 3D piercing knitting that simulates the texture of real leather. Thanks to that, if you want to find exquisite beauty and good quality, microfiber is considered the perfect choice. You can refer to microfiber leather, all of which have top quality on the market. Another option can refer to Cazola microfiber leather...

PVC leather is the lowest quality synthetic leather in this series. The durability is not too high, so it is suitable for cheap products. Most of the PVC leather do not have a specific name due to their low quality. Only the highest quality PVC leather has an established name, so customers can choose this with peace of mind. Good quality, diverse color codes and outstanding durability compared to similar products.

Industrial leathers provided by Yan Chuang

Choose synthetic leather by selling price

The simple way that many people choose is to buy whatever has a high price, which means good quality. This applies to those who have economic conditions without worrying about other problems. If we consider this criterion, we should buy according to the suggested selling price below.




Other leather types.

The extremely high quality  PU leather the top price. Accordingly, the quality of microfiber leather is also quite good. If you want good quality but at an affordable price, try PVC leather.

Where to buy good quality synthetic leather?

There are many reference addresses for customers to trust to buy synthetic leather. But customers can refer to the best leather quality with the Yan Chuang brand. We offer many of the leading synthetic leather on the market today. Customers refer to high-end synthetic leather such as PU, microfiber , the quality is also very good. They are prioritized for use and selected by thousands of factories across the country. As a result, customers can access high-class products, good quality, and affordable prices.

synthetic leather warehouse in huge quantity by Yan Chuang

The sharing of Yan Chuang hopes that customers have understood how to choose good quality synthetic leather in the area today. Refer to the best synthetic leather such as PU or microfiber. Or PVC leather with excellent quality diverse color coding system. Contact us now for the best advice and quote."

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