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Embarking on an Arctic expedition cruise is an extraordinary adventure that the entire family can enjoy. Amidst the icy wonderland, kids have the opportunity to witness polar wildlife, explore unique landscapes and participate in enriching activities tailored to their interests.

Allow us to guide you through the world of Arctic cruises for families, highlighting kid-friendly activities and the best destinations to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

The Magic of Arctic Expedition Cruises

Arctic expedition cruises offer a rare chance to delve into the heart of the polar region, where families can experience the wonders of nature in a safe and comfortable environment. These cruises are designed to cater to the needs of travellers of all ages, including children, providing a unique educational and immersive experience.

Engaging kid-friendly activities

Some Arctic cruises offer a variety of engaging activities to keep children entertained and fascinated throughout the journey. Examples include:

  • Polar bear spotting - Witnessing polar bears in their natural habitat is a highlight of Arctic cruises. Kids will be thrilled to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures from the deck of the ship.
  • Penguin encounters - Delight in the company of playful penguins as they waddle and swim around their colonies on remote Arctic islands.
  • Whale watching - Keep an eye out for majestic whales breaching the surface of the Arctic waters. Spotting these gentle giants is a thrilling experience for young adventurers.
  • Zodiac excursions - Embark on zodiac boat excursions, where children can get closer to icebergs, glaciers and wildlife under the guidance of experienced guides.
  • Junior explorer programs - Some cruise operators offer dedicated programs for young travellers, with activities like wildlife quizzes, photography lessons and arts and crafts inspired by the Arctic environment.

Best kid-friendly destinations in the Arctic

  • Svalbard, Norway - Explore the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, known for its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Children will love observing Arctic foxes, reindeer and birdlife.
  • Greenland - Discover Greenland's icy fjords and colossal glaciers, where kids can learn about the Arctic's geological features and the Inuit culture.
  • Canadian Arctic - Sail through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, where families can witness polar bears and Arctic birds in their natural habitats.
  • Spitsbergen, Norway - Spitsbergen offers a range of family-friendly activities, from easy hikes to fascinating historical sites.

Preparing for Your Arctic Family Cruise

  • Gear up - Pack warm, comfortable clothing, including waterproof outer layers, thermal wear and insulated boots, to keep kids cosy during outdoor excursions.
  • Safety first - Ensure that your chosen cruise operator prioritises safety and has appropriate measures in place for family travellers.
  • Educational opportunities - Encourage kids to read about the Arctic and its wildlife before the trip to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the region.
  • Stay flexible - While Arctic cruises, like the ones offered by Aurora Expeditions, offer a well-planned itinerary, weather conditions and wildlife sightings can sometimes be unpredictable. Embrace spontaneity and be open to the unexpected.
  • Embrace the experience - Take this incredible opportunity to bond as a family and create lasting memories together. Encourage kids to embrace the wonders of the Arctic and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Arctic expedition cruises offer an unforgettable experience for families, with kid-friendly activities and breathtaking destinations to explore. As you set sail on this extraordinary journey, your children will have the chance to encounter polar wildlife, engage in educational activities and gain a deep appreciation for the pristine Arctic environment.

Get ready to embark on a remarkable adventure that your family will cherish for years to come!

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