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How to find a good web designer

08 Sep 2023, 18:57 GMT+10

Have you ever gone to a company's website and enjoyed the experience? The animation, the design, the colours and the ergonomics won you over. You remember the brand, and you even signed up for the newsletter.

The appearance of a website influences the visitor. He may stay longer to view offers and navigate from one page to another. He will keep a positive idea of the brand, and he can also talk about his experience to those around him. Creating a website requires as much technical skills as a creative sense and also skills in human interaction.

How do you go about finding good web designers? What criteria should you rely on when searching? Here is some food for thought.

Qualities of a good web designer

One of the first things to know is to recognize the qualities of a good web designer. To do this, here are some tips that can guide you.

Have excellent computer skills

Computer knowledge is essential to understand web language, such as HTML. The knowledge is as much technical about software as about the interaction between the web and software.

Have consistency in your work

The web designer will integrate a logical and continuous working method. Its consistency will allow it to be fluid in its tasks and find and resolve an element that is not working correctly, for example.

Have good stress tolerance.

Projects move quickly, deadlines are short, and requests for modifications or changes are numerous. Not to mention that the designer can work on several projects simultaneously. So, having a good stress tolerance helps you stay on track with different projects and ensures the delivery of a quality project.

Essential for a web designer: have a powerful sense of aesthetics

Finding a beautiful item is subjective. However, in the web world, it is necessary to have a strong sense of aesthetics to create designs that will make the business stand out from all the possible offerings on the Internet. You must have the eye to recognize what will please or not about the target and the company.

Take ongoing web design training.

What is his training? Does he follow training to be on the lookout for the latest trends? As in fashion, web design trends are constantly changing every year. The web designer must follow training regularly to update. For example, it can be as simple as watching training capsules on the Internet.

Soft skills, know-how and business acumen

A good freelancer will know how to master both the creative and rational sides. He will be able to take the criticisms and comments made by the client. He will also be able to comment and guide the client professionally. In addition, a pedagogical side can be beneficial to explain concepts to the client. It is know-how and know-how.

Business acumen is also essential for knowing where to put energy and managing the project. It keeps the project moving in the right direction. Being business savvy helps maintain a good business relationship with customers.

In short, no one is perfect. However, you could identify the qualities and skills of the candidates you think are most important. In this way, you could choose the candidate who suits you best.

Find good web designers.

While considering the characteristics of the right candidate, you can search the Internet to find web designers. You could analyze the different profiles and the different services offered. Through research, examples can inspire you for the design of your site. You could also see the different types of site operations and mention them to the web designer.

Check the portfolio of web designers.

Once you've researched and found the potential collaborators, dig deeper by looking at their portfolios. Go to the projects and see if the sites have been very successful, for example, by reading the comments left by customers. Test the sites for yourself for effectiveness, ergonomics and style. The verification part may take time, but it will be beneficial for making choices.

You might also know what type of project the designer has completed in the past, the type of business, if their artistic creation suits you, etc.

Are you looking for a web designer?

Contact us to be put in contact with certified suppliers!

Contact potential web designers.

Do you want to work with an agency or a freelancer? Please take a few minutes to contact them by phone and explain your project. In this way, a first contact will have been made, and subsequently, you can meet them to make the choice.

Get to know the designer.

 Finally, if you do a lot of work upstream, it will be profitable throughout the process, and the results will be more likely to be there. Additionally, a freelancer may be inclined to do smaller projects. However, he can also hire specialists to carry out large-scale projects.

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